Sexy Doctor In Bikini !!!

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Ever wanted to see a sexy doctor who treats the patients giving you a visual treat exposing her hot bod in two piece skimpy bikini that loots your senses ? You do not have wait too long as very soon you will be watching a sexy doctor in bikini. We are talking about Sarvam in which Trisha plays a doc. The most talked about scene in the movie is filmed at Goa beaches which reportedly shows the actress in sexy costume. Now, it is not clear whether it is string bikini or a micro bikini but one thing is sure that after Naynatara and Priyamani fans must be very anxious to watch yet another Tamil masala actress donning on of the sexiest costume on this planet ever invented. I said one of the costumes because there are many more costiumes to seduce and leave fans dry mouthed for example bra, sexy blouse, hot saree and countless more. Seems like summers will be very scorching this year!

Sarvam is going to hit screens on May 15 after elections are over. The movie was facing initial difficulties in getting launched as sometimes ago some rumors were flying around that there were no takers for the movie and producers were ready to halve the price of the flick. Let us see whether Tamil director Vishnu Vardhan is able to create some magic with the pair of Arya - Trisha.

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