New Morphed MMS Of Actresss Bhoomika Chawla

bhumika sexy swollen hot lips
A new MMS clip of actress Bhumika (Bhoomika) Chawla is reported to be circulated on mobile phones and on web sites and forums. Some years back a nude MMS of Bhumika was wildly popular on the web. That video used a Bhoomika lookalike and it was not morphed. That clip was so popular because the girl in the video resembled the actress a lot. One could not tell the difference unless he watched the video closely. The old MMS clip claimed to show the actress making out with her boyfriend.

The new MMS is a morphed one. After the dress change MMS of Namitha, and massage video of Nayantara, this may be one of the most notorious scandal. And as usual, advanced graphics technology have been used in the MMS to morph the face of actress. There are also reports that the morphed MMS of another Bollywood actress Rimi Sen too has been surfaced.

Whoever release these MMS videos, is very clever to give a sensational title so that it becomes instant hit. And so in the past we have seen Nayantara MMS with Simbu, Namitha lovemaking clip and recently Priyamani dress change clip. Homely actresses too have not been spared. Meera Jasmine fell prey to a recent fake video.

And these video clips are not limited to sensational actresses only anymore. Recently TDP leader Roja was shocked to hear about her nude video and claimed that her rivals were using the fake video to defile her image at the time of elections. In fact, when it comes to politics the people get as sleaziest as possible. The recent episode of bikini pictures of Jayasudha is an example. MMS have become a potent tool to defile a woman's image. Sometimes, these are real but most of the times, these clips are either fake or morphed ones and released in order to earn some quick bucks.

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