Charmi Bikini Rumours, Beauty Secrets And Other Gossips

charmi in a wet blouse
The movies of sexy babe Charmi is lately getting poor response from box office. Whether it be Laadam or Manorama her flicks seem to be bombing at BO without a trace. The punjabi girl seems to have rethink her strategies to come up with a bang. The recent rumours are that this busty actress will be seen in a skimpy bikini soon in a movie as she has shown her willingness for more skin show. Although there is no guarantee that going bikini way will give a boost to acting career, these days bikini is more or less a norm and it will be no exaggeration to say that this tw piece wonder is gonna be a norm in the movies soon like nave show and sexy cleavage expose.

But agreeing to don a bikini is not the only reason film makers are lining up at her door steps. Charmi may not have given a hit for long time but her oomph and sex appeal is still a very potent weapon in her armor. Recently, in an interview that sexy babe revealed the secrets of her beauty. Charmi maintains a strict diet and is not as a frequent visitor to pubs as Trisha is. She takes a lot of care of her skin and wears less makeup.

Charmi is coming up with the latest entertainer by director Dileep Polan titled Mayagadu. In the movie she stars opposite Venu Thottempudi. Mayagadu is a lovestory with lots of elements to keep audience hooked to the movie. We wish Chami all the best for her new movie

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