Body Massage Parlours As Hot As Actresses !!!

Massage parlours have got immense popularity in recent times. More and more people flock to these parlours for massage. There are many reasons that have made massage parlours popular. The obvious reason is the increased awareness of people to keep themselves healthy and fit. A healthy body massage help maintain a perfect health.

But there is one another reason too why these spots are a craze. The word massage parlour conjures up the the image of one industry that has thrived since civilizataion came into being. The trade of human flesh, the sex industry. Tell the word massage parlour to someone and the immediate thing that comes to people's mind is Pattaya, Thailand the haven of sex trade which flourish in the shade of these so called health spots.

To cash in on the trend some parlours in India have come up with some very innovative strategies to lure customers. Although these parlours offer legitimate body massage and have no relation to the abominable trade mentioned above, these parlours tend to have names which fire men's imaginations. Many have their name after the popular sirens. So we have Namitha body massage point, Nayanthara massage, Ileana massage center, Trisha, Shriya, Aishwarya and mant more. And these parlours have said to up their revenure manifold by just changing their names.

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