Bhojpuri Hot Item Songs

Those who think that the beauty means Bollywood and Item songs means Tollywood should take a look at the Bhojpuri songs which are getting hot and hotter by the day.

Rinku Ghosh, Divya Desai, Pakhi, Sapna and more actresses are famous for their hot songs. What is more, many popular actresses from Bollywood and South Indian film industry have made their appearance in bhojpuri songs and movies. Take for instance Nagma, Rambha, Mona Lisa and more.

One of the popular genre of Bhojpuri songs is Nautanki. Nautanki songs are basically item songs with raunchy lyrics and sexy dance moves. But this is not all. Bhojpuri songs have a kind of sweet nativity in them which is very hard to find these days.

There is a commercial side to this vastly popular music too. The Bhojpuri music industry gives work to hundreds of thousands of small artists who find it hard to get exposure in the mainstream cinema. In many cases, this route take them to immense popularity.

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