Omi Vaidya Chatur Ramalingam Of 3 Idiots

omi vaidya

3 Idiots is again a big hit delivered by Aamir Khan. The movie is basically comedy with a message. Everyone either has seen the movie and cannot be tired of telling how good movie is or is planning to watch it before new year begins. The movie has many characters, all funny in their own way. If we set Aamir, Sharman, Madhavan aside for a second, the character of Chatur Ramalingam played by Omi Vaidya is one of the central character whose speech scene is perhaps the most hilarious scene of the entire movie and will be seen over and over one the clip is there on YouTube. Omi is a versile American actor. He has performed on many TV series like The Office, E-mail Surveillance and Fun Run. Moreover, he has also directed short films and has also worked as editor.

The movie is a Christmas hit and is touted as the flick that has brought back the smile on Bollywood. If you do not have seen the movie yet go for it.

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